An Ending and an Invitation

On May 14th, 2011 I wrote my first post on this blog. Today I write my last.

This blog has been, and always will be, a special part of my life. It holds my thoughts during the most difficult season of my life thus far, but it also holds some of my biggest joys. These posts have been filled with serious reflections alongside “just for fun” stuff. Everything from recipes to vacation photos to home renovations. A new house, two babies, new jobs.

Life has changed a lot since that May and much of it is captured and preserved here.

But I’ve decided to make another change, one I’m really excited about… I’ve started a new blog! You can now find me at I really hope you’ll join me on this new adventure!


Why a new blog? Well, some of you might remember a post from last April when I shared some of my uncertainty about where to go next with this blog. As much as I’ve enjoyed this blog as a sort of “catch all” for anything I wanted to write, I am feeling a pull to be more purposeful in my writing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and I feel that this new blog is a step in the right direction.

So what can you expect from Come Sojourn? Like I said, my hope is to be more purposeful… in both my content and my frequency of posting. My goal is to share one new blog post each week. These posts will be similar to many of the things I’ve posted here, sharing moments of my life with a focus on the way I see God’s hand in each and every part.

I’m also starting a new series called Weekly Word. This will be a chance to spend some time in the Word together every Monday. The first post will be up this coming Monday but you can check out the page now for a sneak peek of the topic.

I want to say a very sincere thank you to everyone who has read this blog, whether you’ve consistently followed or stopped in just a couple times. Thank you so much! I love to write and share my thoughts with you and I hope you’ll continue to give me that privilege by following me on Come Sojourn.

The first post is up so please stop by, take a look around, and tell me what you think!




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