School’s Out for Summer

Growing up I lived near the middle school in our town, and on the last day of school the buses would line the bus loop and blare their horns before they drove off.  It was always exciting… the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation.

Now, as a teacher, the last day is still exciting.  Even more so this year because it means I get to spend the next two months with this cutie!!


I had a great group of kids this year and I will truly miss them next year.  I told them all to come back and visit… hopefully they can find me since my classroom was just moved!

And, as if moving my classroom over the past couple days wasn’t enough, this weekend we officially move into our new house!  I’m excited but it feels strange to think that tonight is the last night sleeping in this house.  Hopefully all goes smoothly over the next couple days and we can start making the new place feel like home.

I’m hoping to share some things about our new house in the coming weeks.  I’m also planning another series that will be spread out over my summer break.  I’m calling it “Summer Challenge”… stay tuned for more soon.

Happy Friday!



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