Tears in the Theater

Last night Steve and I went out on a date.  We saw the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green and ate dinner at PF Changs.

Back in February I wrote about how we had gone on an impromptu outing to the movie theater.  I wrote then, “Next year at this time we won’t be able to decide on a whim to go out to the movies.  Instead we’ll have to plan ahead and find a babysitter for the evening.”

Turns out I was wrong.

And while I desperately wish we couldn’t just pick up and leave for an evening now, we did have a good time together.

If you’ve seen the previews for The Odd Life of Timothy Green you may wonder why we chose to go see it.  A movie about a couple struggling to have a child might not seem like the most logical pick for a couple whose baby recently died.  And yet I really wanted to see it.  I brought a bunch of tissues, planning to cry, and sat down in the theater with the hope that it would also make me smile.

I definitely cried.  But I also smiled.

I won’t give any spoilers about the plot because I highly recommend you go out and watch this movie.  Sure, it has a bit of a fairytale quality to it.  But the message is no fairytale at all… it is a true and touching look at heartbreak and disappointment, at love and joy and hope.  Imperfect people struggling with real pain and finding that the greatest gifts can come in unexpected ways.

If people saw my tears in the theater, I bet they just assumed I’m overly emotional during movies.

But the truth is, my tears came from the heartbreak over losing our baby.  A grief and pain that cannot be put into words.  My tears came for the disappointment over all the dreams we had for our life together with her that will not be.

And yet, my tears also came from the promise I continue to cling to.  The promise that I will see Faith again.  A part of our family, a part of myself, will always be missing.  Always until Heaven.

And my tears came as comfort.  Comfort because I know that Faith’s life, no matter how short, made an impact on us that will last forever.

We are so incredibly blessed to call her ours.

PS If you haven’t seen the preview but are interested… check it out below!


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